Full Spectrum Naturopathic Home-Birth Doula Services

A wholistic and spiritual approach to support fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, nutrition, and childbirth education. I am located in Las Vegas and currently accepting NEW clients.

Here Are A Few Details....

Hi, My name is Dajah Spence and I provide wholistic doula services for families & mothers in the Las Vegas area. After doing an unassisted home-birth (no medical interference) with my daughter, I began taking doula classes due to the challenges of finding a black birthing team in the area. 5 months postpartum, opened up a yoni steam spa to help women with postpartum, reproductive disorders & infertility issues. 

In this consultation, I will introduce and tell you a little bit about myself and we will go over a few things to see if we are the right fit for each other.

* Your expectations 

* Your home-birth plan

* New client intake form 

* What you can expect from my services

* Cost of services + payment plans

* Doula consultation contract

* Schedule your first prenatal visit


Our Birth Services:


👉🏾Bi-Weekly prenatal appointments & weekly after 34 weeks

👉🏾Design your birthing plan

👉🏾Wholistic Childbirth education

👉🏾On call accessibility with virtual support leading up to birth

👉🏾Emotional, psychological & mental support

👉🏾Nutritional therapy for perinatal & postpartum meal plans

👉🏾Mindset & consciousness techniques

👉🏾 Your own client portal to access contract & PDF handouts. Also, Assignments to encourage continued education and preparation for birth

👉🏾Breastfeeding preparation 

👉🏾In depth comfort positions during labor

👉🏾Access to our community Facebook group to connect with other moms in our village

👉🏾 Virtual or In-person labor & delivery support

👉🏾Birth Debrief

👉🏾 2 postpartum follow-ups along with corresponding educational handouts

3 Package Prices:

Package A). Virtual Prenatal Services: $600. The deposit of $250 is included with this package. In-Person Prenatal services are $1,000 (Las Vegas Locals only). Out of town services are $1,499 for clients. For Virtual Postpartum services ONLY: $500 (this includes up to 7 years after giving birth) with a deposit of $250. In-Person Postpartum services are $800 for up to 1 year of postpartum visits as needed.

Package B). Prenatal Care package offers personal care products with our doula services which includes but not limited too:

👉🏾The Complete Ancestral home-birth package 👉🏾Lotus birth, yoni Steam & postpartum herbal package. (This includes herbal teas for pregnancy, labor & delivery of baby + placenta, herbs for lotus birth & yoni steaming, stretch mark butters, herbal hair oil to prevent hair loss & more). This package for doula services including products is $799. The $250 deposit is included.

Package C). This Full Spectrum Package is highly recommended which includes Prenatal, Birth, Postpartum, Yoni Steam & Juices services. Virtual package including products $2,000 & in person $2,499.

*(Client must provide room & board for any birth outside of the city of Las Vegas, unless specified otherwise; as well as travel fees once traveling over 50 miles to destination of birth. So any mileage driven from the airport, to boarding, tolls, etc. If a flight is required, client will pay for airfare and any travel to birth.)

Other Options:

For Attending Birth Only - $500 in state one time fee & $1,000 out of state one time fee.

For in state & virtual client services include a prenatal visits bi weekly, labor and delivery, and a 3 post-delivery follow-ups, from beginning until .....I also provide offer postpartum doula services and breastfeeding consultation 

Please schedule a consultation so that we can see if we're the right fit for each other and get started. Services will begin once consultation is scheduled, contract is signed and first payments are received.

Payment Plans Are Available!