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1-on-1 FREE Doula Consultation

1-on-1 FREE Doula Consultation

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Hi, My name is Dajah Spence and I provide wholistic doula services for families & mothers in the Las Vegas area. After doing an unassisted home-birth (no medical interference) with my daughter, I began taking doula classes due to the challenges of finding a black birthing team in the area. 5 months postpartum, opened up a yoni steam spa to help women with postpartum, reproductive disorders & infertility issues. 

In this consultation, I will introduce and tell you a little bit about myself and we will go over a few things to see if we are the right fit for each other.

* Your expectations 

* Your home-birth plan

* New client intake form 

* What you can expect from my services

* Cost of services + payment plans

* Doula consultation contract

* Schedule your first prenatal visit

At this time, I am doing virtual appointments & services only. My doula fee is $500 (No Payment Plans Available). Prices may vary 


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