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Natural Electrolyte Drink

Natural Electrolyte Drink

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This is our signature electrolyte, energy boosting juice with fresh seeded watermelon, seeded key-limes & Natural Spring Water. Delivery will be in the order in which they came. Please be sure to include your number so that I can send a text confirming that I received your order and the estimated time arrival. 1 order per person & 3 orders per household! Thank you for supporting. Discounts will not apply !!!

Our goal is to start an Urban Micro-Farming Mobile Juice Truck Company. This is a new & wholistic approach to urban food production. I started this company, Fresh Fruit Harvest,  for my daughters who are 2 years old & 4 months old. Your support helps us to reach our mission of growing food forests & a network of urban micro farms in our communities while providing access to fresh, organic, alkaline, & seeded fruit juices by delivering right to your doorstep. We have a membership with a ghost kitchen and will be using this professional environment for juicing! 

The importance of having a mobile juice truck in our community: 


  • Las Vegas has no mobile juice trucks who focuses on just H302 
  • Meeting our customers face-to-face builds a more personable relationships
  • Positive environment impact 
  • Increasing access & availability to healthy, affordable food in food desert + underserved communities.
  • improving health outcomes in low income areas
  • impactful investment into our urban communities 
  • children from urban neighborhoods who reside in food-insecure households are at greater risk of behavioral and health problems
  • studies have shown that the lack of consumption of fruits and vegetables in food-insecure urban neighborhoods is continuously associated with the worst health outcomes, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity
  • Fruits, veggies and herbs are grown in cities, they’ll reduce the runoff, emissions, perishability and transport costs of produce.
  • Urban Micro-farming Mobile juice trucks make cities more self-sustaining, rather than having to fully rely on food grown elsewhere.
  • Prioritize community health goals 
  • Ethical food production methods
  • Reducing health disparities & cultivating a culture of healthy eating practices 
  • Help encourage our customers to make healthier eating choices. 
  • Properly educating our community. 


FYI : While our plants our in their growing stages we support locally grown produce by visiting our nearby farmer’s markets and orchards. 


In 2024, our vision is to have a mobile juice truck. Our goal is raise $20,000. 

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