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Miscarriage/Abortion Support Cleanse

Miscarriage/Abortion Support Cleanse

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Miscarriages and abortions take time to heal from. It affects you emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally. This therapeutic yoni steam helps to nourish & restore balance to the womb. Our herbs, exported from Jamaica in uncontrolled environments with no GMO's.

Many times old tissue remains in the womb after a miscarriage and scar tissue is left behind after abortion. These herbs nurtures the womb back to optimal health, regenerate the cells & the steam relaxes the uterus.

We recommend booking an appointment once the bleeding stops.

This 25 min Yoni steam spa treatment features an herbal foot detox and complimentary fruit. This is the perfect hydrotherapy for womb wellness and spa treatment for you vagina. 

You have the option to pay in full or pay a deposit. All deposits are non-fundable. There is a 15 minute grace period. Please reach out if you will be late or need reschedule. May reschedule or cancel up until 24 hours before appointment. Mandatory consultation form will need to be filled out electronically prior to your appointment. You only get one time to reschedule. If you don’t show up to the second rescheduled appointment, you will have to completely rebook the appointment. 

A feminine spiritual and physical detoxification process used to cleanse your uterus & sacred portal. Steaming is a bi-monthly sacred self-care ritual and a very effective method practiced through ancient wisdom from divine goddesses for centuries. This organically helps your body to release physical and emotional toxins unconsciously stored in your womb space. Helps with fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, infertility, PCOS and uterine prolapse. Its a boost of feminine wellness and vitality.

What is Yoni Steaming?

Yoni Steaming is a form of vaginal detoxification as well as an ancient practice that uses the heat from herbal steam to lightly permeate the outside of a woman's vagina. It also allow women the opportunity to reconnect and establish a healthy relationship with her body. It can be traced back centuries to indigenous African, Mayan, Native American, Caribbean, and Asian cultures. The v-steam (vaginal steam) has been used in ancient medicine for centuries to aid women all over the world with chronic fertility issues, and to maintain healthy fertility, by supporting your body through its natural processes.

Yoni Steam Benefits?

Connects women with ancestral wisdom of the womb
Vagina feels fresh and clean
Build confidence and self-esteem
Vaginal prolaspse
Reduce cervical dysplasia
Reconnection to femininity
Less Pain and bloating

Stabilizes mood

Unpleasant discharge
Stimulates immune system
More energy
Increase sexual energy
Help clear blood from previous cycle
Improves stagnation & procrastination
A light menstrual flow
Maintains healthy feminine odor
Strengthens the womb and tightens vagina
Reduce dark brown during the beginning of cycle
Balance menstrual cycle
Increase chances of fertility
Speed healing after childbirth
Helps speedily repair vaginal tears
Aid in recovery of C-section scarring
Helps with hemorrhoids
Release emotional trauma
Reduce pain from yeast infections
Increase vaginal lubrication
Digestion support
Less pain during sexual intercourse
Detoxify the womb

How Often To Steam:

We recommend steaming 3 times a month. A few days before and after your cycle because it helps to break down the lining of the endometrium, helps shift hormonal balance in the body and maintain the balance of the nervous system while receiving fresh oxygen and nutrients. It's an excellent way to ease into your menstrual cycle.

The medicinal properties of the herbs enters into the bloodstream, delivering oxygen, nutrients and minerals to the body.


The steam is HOT! BE CAUTIOUS!

Do Not steam during pregnancy or after ovulation (second half) of your cycle, if you are actively trying to get pregnant.

Do not use essential oils in vaginal steams

Do not steam if cancer is present in the body

We recommend that you do not steam if you have an IUD as it could potentially cause problems with the placement of the IUD. This is just to be safe.

Do not steam when you are actively menstruating.

Do not steam with any an active infection or breakout

Do not steam using genital piercing

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